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Tenax Glue - EPOXY - Gluing and Filling Tenax mastics are high-quality products used for manual and automatic gluing and filling of all types of marble and with UV ovens. They are available at different levels of viscosity and standard colors. Colors on request for specific needs. They are used to repair, rebuild and glue marble, granite, stone or agglomerates. TENAX Glue: Solid Transparent Solid Beige (Solido) (iVORY) Solid White (Bianco) Liquid Transparent (Fludio) Liquid (Fludio) Beige (iVORY) Liquid White (Bianco) Designed adhesive glue and filler for marble, stone a and slate, but also suitable for wood and metal. They are used for gluing and filling of all types of marbles and stone High tixotropic colour glue. The glue is smooth and easy to spread. Minimum colour change after hardening. It is used to glue and repair vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone and is easy to stir and spread. Instruction for use - Be sure that the marble to be treated is dry and clean. - Remove required amount of glue and add the catalyst paste in 2-3% ratios. - Stir well. - Do not return the unused glue to the cans. If it is necessary to correct the colour, use the colouring paste.
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