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PolyGlaze Tile Grout

“PolyGlaze Tile Grout” is a white cement-based, polymermodified grout that produces hard dense joints that are resistant to shrinkage and cracking and can be used to fill tile joints on walls and floors with a minimum width of 1mm to a maximum width of 12 mm for both interior and exterior applications. Special Properties of “PolyGlaze Tile Grout”: Wide joint bridging. Good Water resistance – can be used both indoor and outdoor tile grouting. Excellent workability, smooth and easy to spread and easy clean-up. Exceptional color stability. Non-shrinking and high stain resistance. Being Polymer modified it enhances durability and helps to achieve a more robust, waterproof and flexible grout finish. Areas of use : “Polyglaze Tile Grout can be used in conjunction with Polyglaze Tile Adhesive (although not necessary) for grouting all types of Ceramic & Vitrified tiles, Mosaics, Porcelain, Quarry tiles, Bricks, Pavers, Slate and Natural stones. It may be used for interior and exterior- Floor, Wall and Ceilings. Being water resistant, Polyglaze Tile Grout can also be used for grouting wet areas like Swimming pools, power shower enclosures, etc. Surface Preparation : Ensure the tile adhesive has fully set before grouting. The surface should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, oil, loose materials, adhesive residue and other contaminates. If required, clean the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. It is advisable to moisten the joints before applying the grout so as to assist the spread of the grout. Preparation of “PolyGlaze Tile Grout”: Take a small amount of water in a bucket and gradually add “Polyglaze Tile Grout”. Mix thoroughly in the ratio of approximately 3 parts of the product to 1 part of water by volume till a smooth paste is obtained. No further water should be added after final mixing. After proper mixing, leave the paste for 5-10 minutes for polymeric dispersion before application. Protect the paste from direct sunlight, heat and use within 45 minutes of preparation. Application of “PolyGlaze Tile Grout”: After grout is mixed, use a rubber bottomed grout float to scoop the grout from the bucket. Then completely fill the tile joints with “Polyglaze Tile Grout” with the aid of a rubber grouting trowel diagonally without leaving any void or gaps. Work in small areas at a time. Remove excess grout from the surface as the work proceeds by drawing the float diagonally across the joints. When grouting external areas, protect during and after application. For Initial cleaning, allow 15 minutes for the grout to firm up before cleaning off excess with a damp sponge, rinsing the sponge frequently in between with water. The Final cleaning of the residual grout film on the surface of the tiles can be done using a clean dry cloth for buffing and polishing the tiles. Do’s about “PolyGlaze Tile Grout”: Ensure 24 hours time interval for grouting after tile fixing. For light traffic flow areas, allow grout to set for approximately 12 hours For best results, use spacers and keep a minimum of 2mm joints between the tiles. Don’ts about “PolyGlaze Tile Grout”: Don’t add too much water, it will weaken the grout. Don’t leave any excess moisture on the surface of the grout joints which may cause efflorescence on drying. Useful Tips : “Polyglaze Tile Grout” should be stored in a dry place. Keep out of reach of the children. Avoid inhalation of dust. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately. Color: “PolyGlaze Tile Grout” is available in choice of various colors. For details, please refer our shade card. Coverage : Approximate Coverage per 10 Kg.bag of “PolyGlaze Tile Grout” Tile Size 600x600x8mm 300x300x6mm 300x200x6mm 200x150x5mm 150x150x4mm 100x100x3mm Approx coverage 160 105 85 75 80 72 Note: Quantities shown are approximate and are given for estimating purposes only. Actual job site coverage’s may vary. It is always a good practice when calculating coverage to allow for 10-15% additional material for wastage and spillage. Technical Information: “PolyGlaze Tile Grout” PRODUCT INFORMATION FORM Dry powder STANDARD COLOUR White (Refer Shade Card for Color Options) PACKAGING 1 Kg & 500 gms Pouch STORAGE CONDITIONS Store in a dry place SHELF LIFE 6 months in unopened manufacturer’s packaging APPLICATION INFORMATION MIX PROPORTIONS 25 – 30% by weight POT LIFE Approx. 45 minutes TIME TO TRAFFIC Allow grout to set for 24 hours PERFORMANCE INFORMATION COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH > 4 N/mm2 after 7 Days FLEXURAL STRENGTH > 3 N/mm2 after 7 Days

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