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PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive – XT

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“PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive – XT” is a cementitious readymix powder which is thin-bed and a high tensile polymer modified product. Its unique properties make it ideal for fixing ceramic tiles / vitrified tiles /mosaic tiles / natural stones like granite, marble etc., to most building substrates. Special Properties of “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive - XT” : Preparation is simple, just add water. Although cement based, requires no curing. It can be used in damp areas. High tensile adhesion strength. Grouting is possible on the same day. Polymer modified formulation enhances its durability. Being ready to use, the product saves considerable time and labour. Areas of Use: To fix wall and floor tiles, natural stones like granite, marble etc. Cementitious screeds. Cement Mortar beds. Bathrooms and kitchens. Fixing the facades. Swimming pools. Surface Preparation : The surface should be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease / oil and other contaminates. Concrete Floors and Walls : Allow 3 – 4 weeks for concrete to cure prior to tiling. Screeds must be 5 – 7 days old and properly cured. The surface should be properly leveled for best results of “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive – XT”. Remove curing compounds, if any, from the surface. Existing Tiles: Existing tiles must be roughened mechanically with wire brush. Painted Surfaces: Oil-based paint should be removed by roughening mechanically and loose flaking paint should be removed completely. Allow the surface to dry after cleaning. Fibre Cement Sheets: Fibre cement sheets must be primed with water and all joints must be taped with PVC duct tape and fixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Preparation of “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive - XT”: Take a small amount of water in a bucket and gradually add “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive – XT” in it. Mix the product with water in the ratio of approximately 1:4. Mixing can be done manually or by stirrer. Mixing to be done till homogenous lump free mix is obtained. After proper mixing, leave the paste for 5-10 minutes for polymeric dispersion before application. The paste should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and used within 45 minutes of preparation (after mixing with water). Do’s about “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive - XT”: Before fixing the tiles, natural stones etc., clean the backsides of these with wet cloth to remove all dust particles. Apply a layer of adhesive on the substrate and spread it by notch trowel. Lay the tiles/stones and press firmly. Then knock properly with rubber hammer in order to spread the adhesive equally and for a good contact. Remove any surplus adhesive on the face of the tiles. Any adjustment should be done within 20 – 30 minutes and before adhesive starts hardening. Wait for at least 12 hours before grouting for better contact. Don’ts about “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive - XT”: Avoid very high speed mixing when electric mixing equipments are used. Useful Tips : “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive – XT” should be stored in a dry place. It is recommended that when fixing tiles, a minimum spacing of 3mm should be left round each tile. Excess adhesive should be removed using a damp sponge or cloth before material has set. Floors will be ready to receive light foot traffic after 24 hours and can be put into full use after 72 hours. Although “PolyGlaze Tile Adhesive- XT” is non-hazardous, following precautions should be adhered: Keep out of reach of the children. Avoid inhalation of dust. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately. Technical Information: “Polyglaze Tile Adhesive XT” PRODUCT INFORMATION FORM Dry powder STANDARD COLOUR Grey PACKAGING 20 Kg PP Bags STORAGE CONDITIONS Store in a dry place SHELF LIFE 6 months in unopened manufacturer’s packaging APPLICATION INFORMATION MIX PROPORTIONS 20-25% by weight POT LIFE Approx. 45 minutes OPEN TIME 20 – 30 minutes BED THICKNESS 3 – 4 mm TIME TO TRAFFIC Grout after 12 hours; light foot traffic after 24 hours; Full traffic after 48 hours (depending on site conditions) COVERAGE 60 – 70 sq.ft/ 20 kg bag @ 3 – 4mm thickness PERFORMANCE INFORMATION TENSILE ADHESION STRENGTH >1N/mm2 after 28 days SELF CURING Yes, no additional curing is required

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